Dr. Luciana Macedo sq
Dr. Luciana Macedo
MD, Dermatologist

Dr. Luciana Macedo is a pioneer in the application of Neuroscience and Visagism in Aesthetic Medicine and she has given numerous lectures at congresses in Brazil and abroad since 2003. She graduated in Medicine in 1995 and has been exclusively dedicated to Aesthetic Medicine since 2001. She began her studies in Visagism and its application in Aesthetic Medicine in 2010 and soon after started research in Integrative Medicine, Psychology of Emotions, Emotional Management, Coaching and Positive Psychology and is currently specializing in Neuroscience applied to Aesthetic Medicine, developing studies and research correlating to visual language and psychology of emotions in the application of facial aesthetic procedures.
* Certified by the Board of Dermatologists of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) and the Brazilian Society of Dermatological Surgery ( SBCD) .
* Director of the Luciana Macedo Clinic since 2001 and Medical Supervisor of Expert Laser Clinic since 2018