Dr. Larry E. Fremont

Dr. Larry E. Fremont
Dr. Larry E. Fremont, MD
Medical Doctor (Canada)

Dr. Fremont has joined CBAM as a faculty member after decades of practicing and teaching in cosmetic medicine and hair restoration to share his valuable knowledge with the practitioners who seek to get into the field of aesthetic medicine. 

Graduating from the University of Toronto in science & medicine-1966, Dr. Fremont practised emergency medicine at two major Toronto hospitals while attending to his busy general practise clinic. On developing an interest in hair loss he drew from the varied disciplines and created his own techniques and artistry in hair transplantation. He joined the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery attending their meetings in New York, Los Angeles and Hot Springs, Ark. prior to the establishment of The ISHRS in 1993.

Teaching local and international physicians the basics in hair restoration surgery, was his priority. As suggested by the founder of ISHRS, Dr. Otar Norwood, he wrote for the 1st Forum publication on the subject of teaching hair transplantation to doctors.

While lecturing at various professional colleges, he has also attended plastic surgery rounds sharing his knowledge and participated as an investigator for Merck Pharmaceuticals during the Finasteride studies. He is and active member of The Canadian Society of Hair Restoration.

Dr. Fremont opened, in Tel Aviv,  the first hair transplant clinic in Israel.  He continued on to create satellite clinics in Hungary, Austria, Belgium and England under the name Hair and Faces International. Some of his students have become pillars in the ISHRS and some also wear restored hair by him.  

At the 2008 ISHRS 16th annual meeting the outgoing President acknowledged the training he and his wife recieved from Dr. Fremont at his Toronto clinic and how he encouraged his students on the importance of becoming members in the ISHRS.

Dr. Fremont retired his licence in Israel but continues to practice and teach physicians, in Ontario and British Columbia, in the latest techniques.