Dr. Felix Kusmana

Dr. Felix Kusmana
Dr. Felix Kusmana, MD
Medical Doctor (Indonesia)

Master Degree – Universitas Udayana (Denpasar), Anti-Aging Medecine
Medical School – Universitas Brawijaya (Malang)

Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Doctor, Rejuva Dentar & Dermatology, Surabaya.

Trainer of Classys Indonesia (Ultraformer, Clatuu Alpha)
Trainer of Energist (Neogen Evo)

Faculty Speaker at IMCAS Asia 2017
Speaker at I-SWAM Indonesia 2017
Speaker at The 1st Classys Beauty Scientific Meeting in Indonesia 2018
Speaker at Asia Cosmetic Dermatology Conference in Malaysia 2019
Speaker at I-SWAM Indonesia 2019



– Basic Knowledge of Macro & Micro-Focused Ultrasound
– MFU Based on Anatomical of SMAS
– Segmental Strategy for Micro-Focused Ultrasound in Younger Patients
– Combination of MFU and Injectables
– MFU: Individual Mapping Using SMAS, Muscle, Fat, and Ligament Anatomy
– Clinical Result and Safety of Cryolipolysis in Indonesian Patients
– Optimizing Face and Body Fat Reduction Using Focused Ultrasound and Cryolipolysis
– Plasma Resurfacing System in Combination Treatment for Acne, Acne Scar, and Hyperpigmentation