Dr. Danilo De Gregorio
MD, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

In his practice, he gained experience in performing various types of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery treatments: Breast augmentation, reduction, and uplift; liposuction, lipofilling, tummy-tuck reduction, abdominoplasty; rinoplasty, ear correction, face lifting, lip augmentation, blefaroplasty; arm and leg lifting, scars, cheloids, dermatologic surgery, eyelid lift.
In addition to his daily activities, he got used to scheduling his week: starting from Monday with consultations in Perugia; surgery on Tuesday; discharge, consultation and patient wound care on Wednesday; surgery on Thursday in Bologna consultations on Friday in Florence and on Saturday in Spoleto.
As well as his normal role, in general medicine and Continuing Medical Support, he was responsible for carrying out the role of general practitioner or RMO on night wards. He gained experience in various Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine treatments: Peeling, Filling, Mesotherapy, Botuline toxine, Sclerotherapy, IPL treatments, Bio- revitalization, Mesolifting, Idrolipoclasia, Needling,etc. In any spare time, he was involved in some General Surgery, in Perugia’s Silvestrini Universitary Hospital and some theatre lists at the Ear-Nose-surgery Centre as a voluntary surgeon.