Dr. Andrew R. Christie-Schwarz
Ph.D., Paris (France), Director, Lipservice Consulting, Global Medical Trainer, DermapenWorld

Dr Andrew R. Christie-Schwarz PhD, Paris (France)
Director, Lipservice Consulting (Paris, France)
Clinical Director, Equipmed Aesthetics (Sydney, Australia)
Global Medical Trainer, DermapenWorld (Sydney, Australia)

Paris-based, Dr. Andrew R. Christie-Schwarz is an aesthetic specialist with over 25 years of experience. Having lectured as a skin and micro-needling expert in nearly 70 countries, Andrew has been invited as a key speaker at the AMWC (Monte Carlo), AMWC Asia (Taipei), EADV (Madrid), CCR / FACE / ACE (London), JSAD (Osaka), Dubai Derma / AAAM / EPSC (Dubai), GVAS (Los Angeles), ICAAM / SLDE (Warsaw), ASKED (Belgrade), AEWC (Santiago), IAPEM / IMASM / AIDA / SIME (Milan, Riccione, Rome), United Doctors Congress (São Paolo), ACSICON / Aesthetics / Scar Summit (New Delhi), CDSI (Mumbai), SODC (Amritsa), DASIL Scar Free Conference, PAADS (Karachi), NCD / AAC / PS&CDC (Bucharest, Sinaia, Brasov, Timisoara), AMEC / IMCAS (Paris), AMBC (Odessa), Senzie (Oslo), IMCAS Asia (Bali), Asia Derma (Singapore), TAMC (Dubrovnik), SEME (Malaga), ISWAM (Jakarta), COSMIC (Bandung), BTS / H&K (Stockholm), Senzie Conference (Oslo), MBC (Zagreb), CEMs / Cosmetic News (Opartja), TAPD / ILM (Turku, Helsinki), ASKED (Serbia), AMCSA (Pretoria), AMME (Arcachon), FACDC / SCF (Johannesburg) / Durban, MES (Lausanne), ACEDSSA (Cape Town), AesTech (Auckland), Cosmetex (Gold Coast), ASAPs (Hobart), BEA and the Paramedical Conference (Sydney). Andrew has also been a guest lecturer at the Royal Society Of Medicine (London), University Of Tehran (Tehran), Università di Camerino (Rome), HealthCure (Karachi), Senzie Akakdemiet (Drammen), VIC University (Melbourne), IAPEM (Milan), Vincent Pallotti Hospital (Cape Town) and the Royal Hayat Hospital (Kuwait City). Andrew has appeared regularly on television and radio in India, Norway and Serbia, including Aesthetic TV (USA), Weekend Redaktionen (Denmark), Fashion TV (Australia), Cosmetic News (Croatia), The AM Show (New Zealand) and in hundreds of interviews across the world as a master-needler and authority on aesthetics. As the Global Medical Trainer for Dermapenworld, Andrew is the author of Advanced Innovations With Micro-Needling. Andrew has also authored three other training manuals on skin needling and written over 600 articles for industry publications, trade magazines, consumer media and journals. Andrew has been a regular judge for the ABIAs and Beauty Squad in Australia and was awarded the prestigious Educator Of The Year. He was featured in Neo Beauty Media’s (China) “People Of The Year”. Andrew trains over 50,000 medical practitioners each year.