Dina Wang

Dina Wang
Dina Wang
RN (Canada)

Dina Wang, a graduate of Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Cer;fied Registered Nurse Injector
with highly skilled Neuromodulator Cosme;c and facial filler prac;ce. Currently working as a RN,
team leader, Instructor and Preceptor in the Opera;ng Room at Richmond Hospital Since 2012.
RN experiences in the OR (including Plas;c, General, OBgyn, Neuro, Ortho, Urology and Vascular).
Also Dina is working as a Cosme;c Nurse Injector at An;aging Medical Laser Clinic ( including
Botox injec;on, Dermal filler injec;on, Mesotherapy, PRP).
The most fulfilling aspect of Dina’s work as a Nurse Injector is seeing the joy and exuberance in
her clients when She achieves the look they want! Some;mes her clients will drop by the clinic
and bring her lunch, they know she is always busy with her clients and oXen have no ;me to get
food herself! Dina sees her clients as friends and family!
Also the Opera;ng Room Specialty experience allowing Dina to gain excellent knowledge of
surgery. Combined with experience in the aesthe;cs field, She is consistently able to achieve
natural and individually tailored cosme;c outcomes, suppor;ng all her clients in reaching their
goals through medically focused, evidence-based procedures!