Practice Day – Botox and Filler (All levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) – Toronto (Sep 1, 2020 – 10 am to 4 pm)

Practice Day – Botox and Filler (All levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) – Toronto (Sep 1, 2020 – 10 am to 4 pm)

Sep 1

Practice Day – Botox and Filler (All levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) – Toronto (Sep 1, 2020 – 10 am to 4 pm)

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Regular Price CAD$1,750

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The Board Certified package (Physicians) or CAMP Certified package (nurses) students can attend this course for free*.

Board Certified Package (for Physicians) learn more

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*If you are a Board Certified or CAMP Certified package student (also former Elite package) and you are still within your one year period of package, this practice day is free for you. After login, the price will turn zero and you can book a spot.


You must complete the CBAM 2-day Basic Injectables Program (Basic Botox and Filler) or Equivalent (Approval by CBAM admin team is required.)

The students who are registered for the packages are required to complete 10 patients procedures during basic injectables course in order to go to advanced injectables. After that, there is no need to repeat the basic practice days and the students can repeat the advanced days for the period of their package.

Please note that all students will need to provide at least 10 patient reports in order to be able to inject on live models during the Advanced Injector Program. Students are still welcome to attend the class to observe if they have not handed in the 10 patient reports. During the course, students can inject the patients based on instructors’ discretion.

This is a full day event designed for CBAM students to practice on live models.

The length of this day is from 10 am to 4 pm. The class hours includes combination of workshops and practice on live models.

The workshops cover the following topics:

  •  Workshop of anatomy review (upper face muscles, midface fat compartments, arteries of the face)
  •  Consent processing and post-care instructions
  •  Facial analysis and evaluation
  •  Emergency kit
  •  Selection of right product (for fillers)
  •  Management of Complications
  •  Interactive Case studies
  •  Patient pictures and records

The practice on live models:

  • Students are working in stations of 4-5 per one instructor
  • Students rotate between the stations to get the most benefits from multiple instructors
  • The live models arrive at each station and the students interview, assess, make a treatment plan and apply the injection techniques for each model under the supervision of instructor.
  • The students go through the consent form when the model arrives and also go through the post-treatment instructions before the model leaves.
  • The students learn and practice how to record the treatment notes, before and after pictures and other documentations.


CBAM Head office:

7270 Woodbine Ave., Unit 302

Markham, ON   L3R 4B9

We will provide all the models, tools and products

This practice day includes practice on live models back to back from 10 am to 4 pm

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What you will learn in this Advanced Practice Day

On this day, you will practice again all the topics of basic practice day (upper face botox and midface, cheek and lips filler) plus the following extra topics:

Advanced botox treatments:

☑ Gummy smile

☑ Smoker’s line

☑ Masseter reduction

☑ Peri-oral and DAO

☑ Platysma

☑ Migraine headache management 

☑ Hyperhidrosis

Advanced Filler Treatments:

☑ Canula techniques

Midface, cheek and nasolabial fold

☑ Soft non-surgical face lift

☑ Periorbital treatments

☑ Tear trough

☑ Peri-oral and chin

☑ Lip augmentation

☑ Jawline contouring

Client management:

☑ Patient evaluation

☑ Treatment plan

☑ Consent form processing

☑ Charting and documentation

☑ Post-treatment instructions

☑ Manage patient questions

The students are required to complete all the online materials of Advanced Injectables course

before attending the practice day

What makes our courses unique?

  • The theory section of classes are taught by multiple advanced trainers
  • The practical stations are with the ratio of 4-5 students with one advanced instructor
  • We provide all the models and products
  • Students have a chance to switch between the stations to experience variety of instructors’ styles of teaching and techniques. In aesthetic medicine, this is an advantage to learn variety of techniques from multiple instructors

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