Laser Training Certificate Program – Toronto (Jan 27, 2022 – 09:00 am to 01:00 pm)

Laser Training Certificate Program – Toronto (Jan 27, 2022 – 09:00 am to 01:00 pm)

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Course Outline

  • LASER Physics
  • LASER and Tissue Interaction
  • LASER Parameters
  • Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale
  • Different Types of Medical LASER
  • What Skin Condition Can Be Treated by LASER?
  • How to Consult Your Patients (Patient Selection)
  • Contraindications Pre/Post Treatment Guidelines
  • LASER Safety
  • Introduction to EBD (Energy-Based Devices)
  • Practical (How to Set up LASER Parameters on Different LASER Devices)

Part 1: Theory (Now available through Online Delivery)

Part 2: Live demo (half day in designated centers)

Laser Certification course is an introductory level course to assist doctors and nurses to become familiar with the basics of laser concept, the diseases can be treated by laser machines, safety key points while using the laser machines, patient evaluation to design the best laser treatment plan and dealing with the complications of the laser treatments. The theory section of the class will be followed with half day live demonstration of laser treatment on models receiving treatment of different indications of laser therapy such as skin vascular lesions, hyperpigmentation lesions, tattoo removal and hair removal.

Later, all graduates can, on their own pace, become more familiar with each individual machine based on the manual and training of the company.

How it works?

This course is delivered in 2 parts: 

Part 1: Online materials (see the lessons)

In this part, you have to complete all the online materials, before you become eligible to participate in the part 2 of this course.

How to access to these materials?

  • The students who register for this course individually will have access to the online materials from the day of registration until 3 months after the date of their in-class session.
  • The students who register for a package (Board Certified or CAMP Certified), will have access to the online materials for the period of their package.

Part 2: In-class practical sessions (Practice Day for Laser Certificate Course)

This session consists of 4 hours in-office review all the common laser machines, their set up plus showing the application of different treatment plans on the patients with multiple conditions. During the course, the students will observe live demonstrations of treatments in laser hair removal, vascular conditions, hyperpigmentation disorders and also skin rejuvenation with laser.

How to register for this amazing course?

  1. The students who register for a package (Board Certified or CAMP Certified), will have access to the online materials of laser certificate course for the length of their package. The practical part of this course is elective and it is not a mandatory requirement to apply for Board or CAMP Certification but the package students who are interested are welcome to take this course one time  under their package with no extra charge (the practical laser course is only offered in Toronto and it is not available in other cities).
  2. The students who register for one laser certificate course individually, are able to attend the virtual course and also practice day for that course, as well as having access to the online materials for 3 months. These students are later able to upgrade to any of the packages by paying the fee difference. See the calendar of upcoming courses

By completing this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

​If any teaching accommodations are required please do not hesitate to email us at: [email protected]

*If you are a medical, nursing, or dental student, you are entitled to an additional 10% discount. Please contact us for more details.