Forehead and Temple Rejuvenation with Fillers – Toronto: Jan 22, 2020 (1pm to 4:30pm)

Forehead and Temple Rejuvenation with Fillers – Toronto: Jan 22, 2020 (1pm to 4:30pm)

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Forehead and Temple Rejuvenation Workshop (Filler treatments)

Forehead area mostly is treated by neurotoxins. However, the demand of treating this area with filler is increasing every day. The clients request to eliminate deep wrinkles which are not responded well to neurotoxins or fix the aging volume loss of the forehead and changes in the light reflex in this area. These can only be treated by fillers. On the other hand, we all know forehead and glabella area is the place that branches of external and internal Carotid arteries meet. This makes this area highly risky when we inject fillers. The obstruction of any of these blood vessels can cause very damaging complications. Therefore, the great deal of knowledge and skills is required for injecting filler in this area. Also having the knowledge of what the best volume replacement would be for each face based on the most modern concepts of beauty will bring the most desirable result for the client. In this course, we discuss all the anatomical details and the injection techniques which provide the most effective result with the minimal chance of complications.


Temporal area is also one of the most popular areas for filler treatment in more mature patients. As the human ages, the fat loss and atrophy of this area will cause the aging of the face look more prominent. A lot of clients are not aware of this. It is sometimes your job to bring this to their awareness and provide a proper volume replacement with the filler. On the other hand, we know that there are dangerous arteries in either deep layers and also superficial layers of temporal area. This makes the temporal treatment with filler more challenging. In this course, we will discuss the details of the anatomical layers in temporal area. After, we will teach you the most recent techniques of filler injection with needle or cannula in the temporal area.

Course Outline:

  • Advanced anatomy of forehead and temporal areas
  • Patient evaluation to make a unique treatment plan for each individual patient based on their level of aging
  • Aging process and its effect to the forehead and temporal areas
  • The appropriate product selection for temporal or frontal treatments
  • Injection techniques with needle or cannula
  • Complications and their managements
  • Live demo on multiple patients

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Event Details

Day 1: January 22, 2020

Start time: 01:00 p.m.

End time: 04:30 p.m.