Certificate Program for Dentists: Neurotoxin (Botox) and Lip Filler training – Toronto: Jan 15, 2022 (9 am to 4 pm)

Certificate Program for Dentists: Neurotoxin (Botox) and Lip Filler training – Toronto: Jan 15, 2022 (9 am to 4 pm)

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Our Neurotoxin (Botox) and filler course for dentists fully complies with the regulations of the Canadian Dental and Surgeon Colleges and you can implement these treatments into your current practice as soon as you complete the course. Learn more

The course package for dentists is also included “Business marketing and management in aesthetic medicine”.

 The business course is delivered fully online

Certificate Program for Dentists: Neurotoxin (Botox) and Lip Filler training

Why should you take this course? 
With the high demand for the indications of neurotoxins in dental procedures, more and more dentists show interest in administering these products as part of their dental services.

The Certificate Program for Dentists: Neurotoxin (Botox) and Lip Filler training is a comprehensive course designed for beginners and also advanced dentists who are willing to add aesthetic therapeutic neurotoxin services to their practice.

In this course, the practitioner will get introduced to the most common neurotoxin treatments in the face, which are in the scope of practice of dentists. We will provide a full understanding of the most commonly used products in the market, as well as how to administer them safely for your client in order to receiving most effective results.

Important notice: The College of Dentists in some provinces have some restrictions in applying neurotoxins. For example they allow only therapeutic indications of neurotoxins or they allow the treatment of certain areas only. We recommend you to contact your licensing body before you register for the course. During the course, we will cover both therapeutic and aesthetic indications of neurotoxin in face area and you can use your training based on your own discretion. 

Outline of the course:

Basic Neurotoxins:
✓ Facial muscles (anatomy review)
✓ Introduction to botulinum toxin
✓ What is botulinum toxin?
✓ Cosmetic indications vs therapeutic indications
✓ Most common neurotoxins in the market (Botox®, Dysport® or Xeomin®, Nuceiva®)
✓ Possible side effects and management
✓ Introduction to cosmetic indications of neurotoxins (Forehead and around the eye area)

Advanced Neurotoxins:

Therapeutic indications:
✓ TMJ pain
✓ Masseter reduction
✓ Bruxism and Grinding
✓ Migraine and Tension headache
✓ Hyperhidrosis 

Lip Fillers:
✓ Basics of dermal fillers
✓ Common dermal fillers in Canadian market
✓ Anatomy of the lips
✓ Lips fillers – Injection techniques
✓ Management of complications of lip fillers

How it works?

This course is delivered in 3 Steps: 

Part 1: Online materials (see the lessons)

In this part, you have to complete all the online materials, before you become eligible to participate in the steps 2 and 3 of this course.

How to access to these materials?

  • The students who register for this course will have access to the online materials from the day of registration until 3 months after the date of their in-class session.

Part 2: In-class practical session (Practice Day – Injectables for Dentists)

This practice day is designed for CBAM students to have opportunity for a countless practice on live models. The course is usually delivered in one day between 9 am to 4 pm . During the course, the students are divided into the small groups of 4-5 students per instructor and practice on live models back to back. When the time allows, they also have a chance to switch between the stations to learn from multiple instructors on the same day.

Part 3: Online examination

After completion of the practical day, you will be given access to the online examination. After passing the exam, you will receive the online certificate which you may print it and use it as you wish.

Complimentary products to use for model

You need to book your own model(s) for this course (we cannot guarantee your practice if you fail to bring your own model), and CBAM sponsors will provide you with the following products for your models:

1 syringe of filler and 50 units of neurotoxin (Value: $600)


1. This offer is only available for the duration of this course and if you do not bring your model(s) or your model(s) do not use all the offered products, the offer is expired and can not be extended.

2.You may book more than one model for this course to share these free product with. (however Each syringe of filler can be used only on one model and can not be shared)

3. If your model(s) use products during the course more the above amount, they are required to pay for the extra product that is not included in this offer with the regular models price of the course. click here to see the regular models price.

4. The latest model(s) can be accepted for this offer during the course is one hour before the end of the course time. We can not accept any model(s) to use this offer after this time since we might not be able to finish their treatment on time.

*This option is only available for the students who registered for the courses from December 2021 onwards.
The Certificate Program for Dentists before this date is delivered in 2 days and does not include this option.

This course will provide you with the essential knowledge and technical skills required to integrate non-surgical treatments in your dental practice and deliver a safe and outstanding service to your clients. 

By completing this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion


Our Neurotoxin (Botox) and filler course for dentists fully complies with the regulations of the Canadian Dental and Surgeon Colleges and you can implement these treatments into your current practice as soon as you complete the course.

Direct excerpt from RCDSO Dispatch November/December 2013

“Members who wish to use botulinum toxin and dermal fillers may do so, but only for procedures that are within the scope of practice of dentistry. Members may inject botulinum toxin and/or dermal fillers intra-orally for either therapeutic or cosmetic purposes, or botulinum toxin extra- orally for therapeutic purposes, but in either case only if they are appropriately trained and competent to perform the procedures. It is not within the scope of practice of dentistry and members are not authorized in Ontario to inject botulinum toxin or dermal fillers extra- orally for cosmetic purposes.”

“Members who wish to use these substances as described are expected to successfully complete a course of instruction that adheres closely to the following criteria. The course should:

  • be conducted by persons who have had recognized education and training, preferably university-based, and significant experience in the parenteral administration of these substances;
  • include a didactic component with formal evaluation that addresses:
    • pharmacology of these substances;
    • physiological activity of these substances;
    • diagnosis of relevant conditions;
    • indications for the use of these substances, as well as other first-line treatment modalities;
    • contraindications for the use of these substances;
    • related head and neck anatomy;
    • adverse reactions and their management;
    • include a hands-on clinical or clinical simulation component with formal evaluation;
    • promote the critical evaluation of research and literature on related topics.”

*If you are a dental school student, you are entitled to an additional 10% discount. Please contact us for more details.

The CBAM reserves the right to cancel the course up to 5 days before the start date of the course due to unforeseen reasons. In the case of course cancellation, attendees may either receive a full refund for the course or transfer the payment to a future CBAM date. ​
* Prices are subject to change without prior notice