Step 2 (Advanced Aesthetic Training)

Step 2 (Advanced Aesthetic Training)

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  1. Submit 20 patients of aesthetic injectables who have been directly treated and followed up by the applicant
  • Each submitted patient must have the following documents:
    • Interview and health history forms
    • Assessment and treatment plan
    • Treatment administration documentation
    • Follow up treatment documents and management of complications (if applicable)
    • Photos:
      • Before treatment
      • Immediately after treatment
      • Follow up treatment(s)

  1. Complete the following courses (4 days in total): 

  1. To complete the following exam:

Step 2 exam – Online examination


  1. The qualified applicants who have completed Step 1 (either through regular pathway or through advanced standing process) will enter Step 2.
  2. The participants must have at least 4 months gap between Step 1 and Step 2 unless they are a health care practitioner who previously have at least one year experience in injectables.
  3. All applicants have to submit 20 patients who have been treated by the applicant with injectable treatments. These 20 patients must be submitted before the first day of the 4 day course.
  4. The 4 day course is delivered in Canadian branches and also international branches.
  5. After completion of the course, the student will complete the online exam and receives the online certificate for the completed courses.
  6. Core specialists physicians (plastic surgeons or dermatologists) who have at least one year experience in aesthetic medicine can enter the process of advanced standing and skip Step 2:
    • The head office will assign a physician for each applicant for the advanced standing examination
    • The fee for the interactive examination for step 2 is $350 CAD