CBAM Designations Roadmap – International Applicants

Board Certified Aesthetic Practitioner

For International Physicians

Please note that the designation process for international physicians is slightly different compare to Canadian and US physicians. Please see the list below to check the details of designation process for international physicians.

To review the designation roadmap for Canadian and US physicians, click here

1. To complete all the online materials and quizzes:

  1. Online materials
  2. Online exam
  1. Online materials
  2. Online exam
  1. Online materials
  2. Online exam
  1. Online materials
  2. Online exam
  1. Online materials
  2. Online exam
  1. Online materials
  2. Online exam

Note: This course and its examination is not mandatory for the process of designation.

2. To complete examinations

Eligibility Criteria to take the Step 3 Board Certified examination:

You have successfully completed (or will complete) CBAM Step 1 and Step 2 online exam at least 10 days before the date of Step 3 exam

If you are eligible, please fill out the form below to book your spot. The admin team will check your eligibility and contact you. Please note there are limited spots for virtual OSCE exams and the spots are filled on a first come, first serve base.

3. To complete Fellowship in Designated centers

  • To submit 40 Procedures of aesthetic treatments who have been directly performed and followed up by the applicant.
  • All the procedures must be perform under the supervision of assigned attending instructor.
  • Each submitted patient (procedure) must include the following information:
    • Assessment and treatment plan
    • Treatment administration documentation
    • Follow up treatment documents and management of complications (if applicable)
    • Photos:
      • Before treatment
      • Immediately after treatment
      • Follow up treatment(s)

Please check the Fellowship manuals for the types of procedures you have to submit.

Submit your patients (procedures) here

Each applicant will be evaluated by their designated faculty/instructor to achieve the minimum criteria of requirements:

  • minimum 60 hours of supervised shadowing
  • ability to assess aesthetic patients
  • ability to provide a proper and comprehensive treatment plan for the aesthetic patients
  • ability to manage the complications in major fields of aesthetic medicine

How to start the process?

You have to register for the Board Certified package – International centers. This package is including the fee for all the courses, examinations and also fellowship program.

Please note this fee is also included attendance of the CBAM Annual Meeting.

Payment Options

(Only for advanced practitioners with a minimum 3 years of experience in the field – Only in International centers)

  • First payment: $1000 USD (get instant access to all the online materials see details) To register and pay the first payment, click here
  • Second payment: $1500 USD (before starting the Practical Fellowship)
  • Third payment: $1000 USD (when booking a date for OSCE Step 3 exam)
  • Forth payment: $500 USD (when receiving the Board Certified Designation or attending the CBAM Annual Meeting)

Total: $4000 USD  (Including tax)

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