CBAM Designations​

 CBAM Designations*:​ 

* CBAM designations are only reserved for CBAM Premium members. How to become a CBAM Premium Member?

CBAM Designations are awarded to the health care practitioners in the field of aesthetic medicine who have enough knowledge and experience in aesthetic injectables and also other non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as PRP therapy, Mesotherapy, Laser and skin treatments. In order to receive these designations, the applicant has to be either a physician or nurse, has to complete the CBAM courses (and in some cases equivalent to CBAM courses), demonstrate experience in the field, and successfully pass the Board Certified Examination.

Available CBAM Designations: 

Steps to Receive Designations 

Step 2

1. To Demonstrate the Experience:

  • To submit 20 patients of aesthetic injectables who have been directly treated and followed up by the applicant.
  • Each submitted patient must have the following documents:
    • Interview and health history forms
    • Assessment and treatment plan
    • Treatment administration documentation
    • Follow up treatment documents and management of complications (if applicable)
    • Photos:
      • Before treatment
      • Immediately after treatment
      • Follow up treatment(s)

2. To Complete Master Injector Program details

Step 3

To pass successfully the Board Certified Examination:

  • Theory section
  • Case-study section

Topics covered in the examination:

    • Aesthetic injectables (basic and advanced)
    • Skin aging, skin products and skin treatments
    • Anatomy
    • Laser and EBD
    • PRP and Mesotherapy

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