CBAM Congress 2020 – Terms of Agreement

Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine

CBAM Congress 2020
Sponsor and Exhibitor Terms of Agreement


  • The CBAM Congress Staff will determine the eligibility of any applicant to participate at the CBAM 2020 congress, as well as the suitability for any product or service to be displayed during the exhibit.

  • All exhibit activities must be in keeping with the educational nature of the congress and should not disrupt the activities of other exhibitors.

  • Exhibitors are permitted to display, promote, and sell their products and services at their booths. If additional space is required to display or store items, additional fees will apply.

  • Exhibit booths are assigned once the sponsor/exhibitor agreement and full payments are submitted.

  • Selection of podium sessions for assignments will be made on a first come, first served basis. (A limited number of presentation slots are available.)

  • Only FDA-approved, non-invasive devices permitted for demos and presentations. All exhibitors must receive an approval for all activities (demos, presentations, etc.) performed at the booth.

  • Once booth assignments have been confirmed and all fees have been processed, exhibitor applicants will be contacted to select their booths. Please be advised that booth selection will be offered on a first-come, first served basis and the floor plan might be subject to change.

  • Exhibitors will be responsible for any extra cost of their requirements.

  • The Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine (CBAM) will allow the booth and advertisement spaces in accordance with the preferences of the Sponsor. However, CBAM reserves all rights to the final allocation to advertisement/booth management and the right to make reasonable shifts of booth locations.

  • The Sponsor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless CBAM, its officers, directors, employees, and agents, from any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, judgments, or settlements, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs, and other expenses, incurred in any way in connection with Sponsor’s acts, omissions, breach of contract or any actions or claims made by Sponsor or any third party against Sponsor.

  • Sponsor acknowledges and agrees that CBAM may terminate the Agreement at any time for any reason in its sole discretion. Upon termination by CBAM of the Agreement, CBAM shall refund any sponsorship fees received from the sponsor prior to termination.

  • Sponsor agrees that CBAM’s liability (if any) on account of omissions, errors or any breach, injury or claim related to this Agreement shall in no Event exceed the amount of the charges for the sponsorship or advertisement which was omitted or in which the error occurred and such liability shall be discharged by (abatement of the charges) or (a sponsorship/advertising allowance) commensurate with the error for the particular sponsorship or advertisement in which the omission or error occurred, but in no event exceeding the contract price of the particular sponsorship or advertisement in which the omission or error occurred. No adjustment is applicable to any free sponsorship or advertisement.

  • All booth displays require full floor covering. Construction and signage must be in accordance with the standards set out by conference space regulations and in compliance with Fire Regulations.

  • All booth decorations must be flameproof and all hangings must clear the floor. Exposed parts of the display and/or equipment must be finished or covered in such a manner so as not to be unsightly. No displays shall interfere with the use of other displays or impede access or the free use of the aisles.

  • Application of labels, tape, paint, lacquer, adhesives or other coatings to building columns, floors, walls or other components not belonging to the Exhibitor is strictly prohibited.

  • In the event of a force majeure situation such as earthquake, flood, war, pandemic, or similar situations, CBAM will be responsible to arrange an alternative date in the earliest possible time and the cancellation refund policy will remain the same based on the original date of the event.


Notice of exhibitor cancellation must be submitted to the CBAM event staff by email at:

  • Cancellations received before January 1st, 2020 will be subject to an administrative fee of 10%.
  • Cancellations received between January 2nd, 2020 and March 1st, 2020 will receive a refund of 50%.
  • Cancellations received after March 1st, 2020 will NOT be refunded.

Submitting the Sponsorship/Exhibition Form indicates a firm commitment of the sponsor/exhibitor, the company and its representatives/staff, to all terms and conditions mentioned above.