Program Objective:

Bridge the gap between your training period and your professional career.

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    Program Timeline*:

    The eligible students who have registered in the CBAM Board-certified or CAMP-certified programs are able to enter this program 2 months after attending the practice sessions (conditional to the approval of the medical director for specific treatment indications for their patients).

    *Currently this program is only available in the CBAM North Vancouver branch.


Program Details:

1. Resources Provided:
Treatment rooms, therapeutic products, consumables, booking, EMR platforms and medical director.

2. Service:
The eligible student bring their own patients during specific allocated times and offer their services in the treatment room independently. Available instructors (and also allocated Medical directors) may offer guidance to the student during the treatment if needed.*

*The student (and their allocated Medical director) are responsible for the patients during consultations and treatments, very similar to the regular clinic settings. 

3. Patients:
Patient files are recorded in CBAM’s EMR platform for legal purposes, however, they can be transferred to the student’s filing system when they have their own independent practice elsewhere.


CBAM will select previous graduates or current students who have registered in either of the following packages for entering into this program:

  • Board Certified package (for doctors and NPs), learn more about this package
  • CAMP Certified package (for nurses), learn more about this package

Current students are eligible to bring their own patients and take advantage of this job placement program, after 2 months from starting their practice sessions.

Please note the allocated medical director needs to approve the student to provide a specific treatment or indication. Participation approval is solely at CBAM’s discretion, and CBAM reserves the right to revoke this privilege at any time.

How to Apply:

Option 1:

If you are new in the aesthetic field:

In this case, you are able to register in one of the CBAM packages and as soon as you complete the essential program and go through a minimum of 2 months of practice training, you are able to enter into this program.

Option 2:

If you have already completed a minimum of 2-day Basic injectables course:

You are able to upgrade to the CBAM packages and again as soon as going through a minimum of 2 months of practice training, you are eligible to enter into this program

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