Botox for Male Clients

While toxin advertisements typically feature women in their 20s, injectors must also understand how to administer Botox to male clients. Botox treatment in male patients is sometimes termed “Brotox”.
Keep the following tips in mind when treating male clients:

1. Male skin is thicker and more difficult to inject!

It is possible to overcome this barrier by using the same needle gauge for both male and female botulinum toxin patients.
But slightly more pressure may be required to break the skin barrier. Just make sure you keep your injections at the proper depth.
If you have any patients with thicker skin, you can use a 30g needle instead of a 32g TSK Invisible Needle.

2. The difference in approach when administering botox to male clients

Men typically have stronger facial muscles and may require a higher dose. If it is their first treatment, stick to licensed dosing and adjusts every 2-4 weeks as usual. Of course, understanding the desired therapy outcome for your clients is essential.

When treating areas such as the orbicularis oculi, you may need even less, as little as 6 I.U per side. This is because it is considered unattractive for men to have a “frozen” appearance around the eyes, which may feminize their perceived appearance.
Crow’s feet are regarded as “distinguished” in older men, whereas this is not generally true for women.
Keep in mind that a “frozen” appearance can appear unnatural. Shiny, motionless foreheads are an obvious sign of botulinum toxin treatment.
If you want to eliminate as much movement as possible in male patients, you should increase licensed dosing in some areas, such as the glabella Complex, the procerus, the Medial corrugators, the Lateral corrugators, etc.

3. When injecting the frontalis, keep your patient’s hairline in mind

When treating men across their frontalis, the injection points should often be in a horizontal line to maintain a straight brow. An M-shaped pattern would arch the brow and feminize the appearance.
The injections should be placed 2cm from the orbital rim. Sometimes two rows in a similar format, spreading the total dosage, are required.
Consider treating receding hairlines too – lines will appear more prominent here, particularly with lessened muscle activity in lower regions if left untreated.

Remember that male patients are also susceptible to brow ptosis. However, because heavy brows are traditionally considered a more masculine feature, this may be more acceptable aesthetically.

4. The botulinum toxin product is best suited for male patients:
Product selection is subjective; there is no evidence to suggest either of the main market botulinum toxins is stronger or last longer than the other.

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botox for males
While toxin advertisements typically feature women in their 20s, injectors must also understand how to administer Botox to male clients...

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