Beginner Guide To Russian lip Technique

russian lip

Beginner Guide To Russian lip Technique


Russian lip filler injection technique, also known as the “Russian lips” or “Russian technique,” is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting dermal fillers into the lips to create a fuller, more defined look.

The technique is known for its subtle yet impactful results.

The technique involves injecting fillers into the lips in a specific way.

Unlike traditional lip filler techniques, the Russian technique involves injecting the filler vertically into the lips, creating a series of small, linear threads.

This creates a lattice-like structure that supports the filler and creates a natural-looking fullness.

The injector will typically start by injecting filler into the Cupid’s bow, or the V-shaped area in the center of the upper lip.

They will then inject filler into the vermilion border, or the border between the colored and non-colored parts of the lips.

Finally, the injector will use a threading technique to create a series of vertical lines in the body of the lips, which helps to distribute the filler evenly and create a plumper appearance.

One of the benefits of the Russian lip filler injection technique is that it can create a more natural-looking result, as the linear threads help to distribute the filler more evenly throughout the lips.

Additionally, the technique can help to create a more defined and sculpted look, as the vertical lines can help to enhance the contours of the lips.

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