How to become a cosmetic model?

The Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine (CBAM) provides high-quality non-surgical treatments for our aesthetic model patients at a reduced cost. We annually train thousands of medical professionals. All our practical sessions with live models are supervised and guided by our expert training faculty, led by licensed and certified physicians and nurses. Since most patients only pay for material costs, the fee for treatments is highly discounted.

Appointments and Inquiries:

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    We offer a range of aesthetic treatments available as a Cosmetic Courses model:
  • Neurotoxin (Botox®, Dysport®, Nuceiva®, and Xeomin®)
  • Dermal Filler
  • PRP (for hair and face) with the needle
  • PRP (for hair and face) with microneedling
  • IV Vitamin Drip
  • Microneedling
  • Chemical Peels
7 reasons that set CBAM Clinic apart as an "Academic Cosmetic Clinic":
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    1.  Highly trained licensed physicians and nurses as service providers:

    • Our service providers undergo extensive training, learning the process of assessment, treatment, complication management, and after-care under the supervision of expert faculty and instructors.

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    2. Patients are supervised by multiple levels of worldwide expert faculty:

    • All expert instructors who oversee service providers can consult with a large network of expert CBAM faculty in their respective fields of expertise.

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    3. Utilization of the most up-to-date treatments, methods, devices, and techniques:

    • CBAM Clinic works closely with the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine, providing access to the latest research and knowledge in aesthetic medicine for the benefit of our patients.

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    4. Exclusive use of Health Canada-approved products and devices:

    • As an academic cosmetic center, we proudly adhere to using only Health Canada-approved products and devices, resulting in minimal complications despite high demand.

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    5. Exceptional follow-up system:

    • Our commitment to providing the best results for our patients drives us to maintain excellent follow-up procedures, leading to increased patient satisfaction.

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    6. Incredibly affordable prices:

    • With multiple locations and a large patient base, we have effectively reduced our expenses, enabling us to offer incredibly affordable prices. This is one of the many reasons why we have a high rate of returning clients.

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    7. Improved outcomes and patient satisfaction:

    • Our patients undergo comprehensive beautification and anti-aging assessments, followed by treatment plans based on the latest academic knowledge in the field. We apply treatments using advanced techniques and technologies, and employ a unique follow-up system to ensure the best possible results. This approach consistently leads to great outcomes and high patient satisfaction rates.

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