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Advanced Botox® and Filler

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9h+ (online lessons)

Multiple Practice Days in 6 months

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Program Overview

Advanced Injectables Course:
Advanced Botox® ( Dysport®, Nuceiva®, and Xeomin®) & Advanced Fillers

This course is the continuation of the basic injectables course to cover more facial areas for treating by cosmetic injectables (botox®  and fillers). This course also focuses on consultation skills in aesthetic medicine such as:

    • Beauty and Anti-aging consultation for all patients
    • Learn how to provide a comprehensive aesthetic treatment plan for all clients (including Skin treatments advise, injectables plan and non-injectables treatments)

The treatment indications by botox® and filler which are covered in this course are listed below:

Advanced Botox®

☑ Gummy smile

☑ Smoker’s line

☑ Masseter reduction

☑ Peri-oral and DAO

☑ Platysma

☑ Migraine headache management

☑ Hyperhidrosis

☑ Marionette line

Advanced Filler

☑ Cannula techniques

☑ Midface, cheek and nasolabial fold

☑ Soft non-surgical face lift

☑ Periorbital treatments

☑ Tear trough

☑ Peri-oral and chin

☑ Lip augmentation

☑ Jawline contouring

Client Management:

☑ Patient evaluation

☑ Treatment plan

☑ Consent form processing

☑ Charting and documentation

☑ Post-treatment instructions

☑ Manage patient questions


Expert-led training


Online Lessons


Hands-on Practice

Face Slimming

Nasolabial Fillers

Tear Trough

Jawline Treatments

Chin Fillers

Part 1: Online Lessons

Advanced Botox®

Masseter Reduction – Introduction PREVIEW
Masseter Reduction – Injection Technique
Masseter Reduction – Complications
Midface and Lower Face Botox®
Migraine Headache
Therapeutic Indications Of Botox® – Part 1
Therapeutic Indications Of Botox® – Part 2
Therapeutic Indications Of Botox® – Part 3

Anatomy of Peri-oral Muscles

Peri-oral muscles – Introduction
Peri-oral muscles – Details
Botox® treatment for Peri-oral muscles

Advanced Filler

Periorbital Rejuvenation: Introduction
Characteristics of Periorbital area
Aging changes of the Periorbital area
Periorbital area fat compartments and bone aging
Periorbital area common concerns
Dark circle
Tear trough deformity
Periorbital area: Treatment options
Periorbital area: Vascular complications
Perioral and lower face area: Introduction
Lower face aging changes
Marionette zone
Jawline and Mandibular margin
Nasolabial area
Skin changes and treatment options

Advanced Injectables - Regional Approach

Pan-facial approach
Upper face injectables
Mid-face injectables
Lower face injectables

Injection Techniques

Filler Injections – Chin
Filler Injections – Temple
Filler Injections – Tear Trough
Filler Injections – Masseter Reduction
Lip filler injection Part 1 of 2
Lip filler injection Part 2 of 2
Jawline filler injection

Patient Consultation

Aesthetic Consultation – Dr. Reza Akef

Part 2: Live Virtual Sessions

All registered students of the course are able to attend live virtual sessions of this course to ask their questions directly from the instructors. These sessions are delivered frequently and the registered students for this course (either registered for the online course or for the practical course) are able to attend this session repeatedly for 6 months from the original date of their registration. The goal of these sessions is that all the questions of the students are answered by the expert CBAM faculty.

Live virtual sessions for the Advanced injectables course are covered 4 different topics and each topic is offered live once every 1-2 months.

Live Virtual Sessions for Advanced Injectables Course:

  • Aesthetic Consultations and Pan-Facial Assessment

  • Upper Facial Zone Injectables

  • Mid-Facial Zone Injectables

  • Lower Facial Zone Injectables

Upcoming Live Virtual Sessions

Part 3: Hands-on Practical Sessions

In Canadian centres:
The Advanced injectables course includes 4 sessions of Practice days (3 hours per session) in which the students practice on booked models under the supervision of expert instructors. There is also the option of Semi-private practice days in which the students book their own models for the practice and arrange with the instructors for supervised treating of those models. Also the students are able to register for CBAM packages (Board certified package for doctors and NP – CAMP certified package for nurses) which give them a chance to learn and practice injectables in multiple repeating sessions for 6 months in CBAM Canadian centres. Please see below in the options to register for more details.

In non-Canadian centres:
The Advanced injectables course in the centres outside of Canada are delivered either in 1 or 2 full days depends on the location of the course. Please check below in the registration options for the details of pricing of the location where you would like to complete your training.

How To Register?

Register for Online Course only

Including 9+ hour pre-recorded materials + 4 Live virtual sessions

You must complete the CBAM online Basic injectables program (Basic botox® and filler) before starting the online materials for advanced injectables.

Regular Price: $1399 CAD + tax

Promotion Until June 10, 2023: $1099 CAD +tax

Price for CBAM Members: $1150 CAD + tax

Promotion Until June 10, 2023: $850 CAD +tax


Your certificate will indicate “Online” delivery of the course.

Option 2:

Online course + Live Virtual + Practical Course


  1. You must complete the CBAM 2-day Basic Injectables Program (Basic botox® and Filler) or Equivalent (Approval by the CBAM admin team is required.)
  2. You must treat at least 10 patients in injectables for basic indications (Botox® : upper face and/or Filler: cheek and lips)*
    *This only applies to students who have completed the Basic injectables course in other institutions than CBAM.

The price may vary based on the location of the course

Check the tables below for registration

Your certificate will indicate “Online and Hands-on Practice” delivery of the course.

Canadian Centres:

For Canadian centres, you may have a variety of options to complete the Advanced injectables course. Depending on your previous education in the field and also based on your interest in learning either injectable (botox® and filler) alone or with other aesthetic training such as laser, PRP, cosmetic dermatology, sclerotherapy,… you might have different choices to select.

Please see below the options for Advance injectables training:

Option 1

Register for Injectables Combinations

These options will give you the opportunity to learn all the injectables (Basic and Advanced) as well as multiple practice as Practice days or as Semi-private practice days.

Injectables Combination 1:
Basic and Advanced injectables + Semi-private practices

Injectables Combination 2:
Advanced injectables + Semi-private practices

Learn more about Injectables Combinations

Option 2

Register for CBAM Packages

If you are interested in learning aesthetic medicine more comprehensively, you can select this option. With CBAM packages, you are able to complete basic and advanced injectables courses and practice repeatedly for 6 months, as well as all the other aesthetic medicine procedures, such as Laser, PRP, Cosmetic dermatology, Skincare, Sclerotherapy,…

CBAM Board certified package (for doctors and NPs)

CBAM CAMP certified package (for nurses)

Non-Canadian Centres:

Price for Online lessons + Live virtual + Practical course in non-Canadian centres:
Varies based on the location (please check the table below)

If you would like to register for Online + Live virtual sessions only, click here (price: $650 +tax)

If you have already purchased the online course and you would like to upgrade to the practical part, click here (upgrade fee: varies based on the location)

What Makes Our Classes Unique?

The theory section of classes are taught by multiple advanced trainers

The practical stations are with the ratio of 4-5 students with one advanced instructor

We provide all the models and products

Students have a chance to switch between the stations to experience variety of instructors’ styles of teaching and techniques. In aesthetic medicine, this is an advantage to learn variety of techniques from multiple instructors

Canadian Board Classes


(Including online lessons and practical courses in all countries)

Dr Ashraf Badawi

MD, Ph.D.  Dermatologist

Dr. Reza Akef

Assistant professor, McMaster University


MD, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Humayun Mohmand

MD, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Armeela Javaid

MD, Dermatologist

MD, Aesthetic Physician

Dr. Mohsen Talani, CBAM, Founder, Anatomist, Aesthetic medicine

MD, Anatomist

Dr. Hamid Karimi

MD, General Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


MD, Dermatologist

Dr. KAMAL- MD DVL (sq)

MD, Dermatologist

dr sarah resized pic

MD, Dermatologist and Venereologist

Dr. Pragati Shubha

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr natasha teovska

MD, Dermatologist
North Macedonia

MD, Dermatologist

MD, Ph.D. Dermatologist
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Maxillofacial Surgeon

MD, Aesthetic Physician

MD, Aesthetic Physician

dr karem 235px 250px

MD, Aesthetic Physician

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What is this course’s goal?

This course is the continuation of the basic injectables course to cover more facial areas to treat by cosmetic injectables (Botox® and fillers). This course also focuses on consultation skills in aesthetic medicine such as:


Beauty and Anti-aging consultation for all patients

Learn how to provide a comprehensive aesthetic treatment plan for all clients (including Skin treatments advise, injectables plan and non-injectables treatments)

What is the duration of this course?

9h+ (online lessons) + 12h+ (Hands-on course)

What is the course outline?

  • Part 1 – Online materials: Covers the theoretical portion of the course
  • Part 2 – Virtual live review sessions: Reviews the course materials with the instructors
  • Part 3 – Hands-on Practical Sessions: In Canadian centres: 4 sessions of Practice days (3 hours per session) In non-Canadian centres: Delivered either in 1 or 2 full days depends on the location of the course.

Who Can take this course?

Physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, dentists, and international medical doctors and nurses are able to take this course.

Does this course come with certification?

Yes! By completing this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Is it possible to purchase only the online portion of this course?

Yes! You can purchase the online portion of this course individually.

To learn more about this course and how to register for upcoming dates, fill out the form below. We will contact you.

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