Important Notice

Please be advised that U of T has decided to cancel the cadaver course on the end of January due to the new COVID-19 restrictions. We will be informed about the new dates available and will reschedule this course.

Since the “Advanced Face Anatomy & Aesthetics: FILLERS – TOXINS – THREADS” course by Dr. Matt Stefanelli preferably needs to be in an approximate date of the Cadaver course, we have postponed this virtual course as well. We will announce the date of this course when the Cadaver course date is released.

All the registered students will be informed about the options they will have regarding rescheduling of their course(s).

In collaboration of CBAM and iClass Anatomy

iClass Anatomy runs International Courses in aesthetic medical training with live demos as well as anatomy dissections on skin rejuvenation and aesthetic Surgery. The educational affiliate of The International Society of Anatomy for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (ISAAMS), this global institute offers international medical aesthetic courses with live demos and anatomy dissections for skin rejuvenation and aesthetic surgery.

Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine™ (CBAM™) as an independent board is dedicated to providing standard high quality on-line and in-class education in the field of aesthetic medicine for health care professionals. We cater to health care professionals who are active in the field or plan to add aesthetic medicine to their current practice.

More About Dr. Matt Stefanelli

Dr. Matt Stefanelli is a double French & European board certified Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon. He is a fellow and a member of the French College of Plastic Surgery (CFCPRE) & the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS).

Dr. Stefanelli is working in private practice in Paris & Dubai. His main activities are Aesthetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery with a special interest on Genitals & Buttocks Aesthetics. Dr. Matt Stefanelli is also an anatomist and the Scientific Director of iClass Anatomy, the International Anatomy School for Aesthetic Medicine & Plastic Surgery, based in Paris & Dubai.

Dr. Matt Stefanelli is the Secretary of 2 international scientific societies:

The International Society of Genital Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISGAPS)
The International Society of Reconstructive & Aesthetic Dermatology (ISRAD)

Dr. Matt Stefanelli is a consultant in the medical aesthetic industry for various scientific societies & companies, performing anatomy workshops, cadaver courses & live demos worldwide. Dr. Matt Stefanelli holds a MBA in Heath Management. Finally, Dr. Matt Stefanelli gets involved in volunteer plastic surgery in Africa, South America and Asia as Founder & Secretary of WORLDPLAST Charity Foundation.

Hours of Workshop
Pages of E-Workbook
Clinical Cases to Discuss



1. Surface Anatomy
2. Layered Anatomy
3. Forehead, Eyebrow & Upper Eyelid
4. Temple
5. Lower Eyelid & Midface
6. Cheek
7. Nose
8. Perioral area
9. Neck
10. Vessels & Nerves


1. Fillers
2. Toxins
3. Threads


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