About us

Our mission:
Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine (CBAM) is dedicated to providing high-quality online and in-class education in the field of aesthetic medicine. We cater to health care professionals who are active in the field or plan to add aesthetic medicine to their current practice.
The CBAM aims to establish a benchmark towards standardizing aesthetic medicine in Canada for the benefit of the public sector.

Our plan:
As the societal demand towards the anti-aging applications of the aesthetic medicine becomes mainstream, there are more opportunities for health care professionals to incorporate aesthetic medicine into their practices. The CBAM intends to expand our membership program for healthcare professionals to serve the global market
Our team includes physicians who are experts in different branches of aesthetic medicine who are dedicated to provide the best educational platforms to transfer their knowledge to the other professionals with the goal of best quality practice for the public.

​We provide our educational services to the members by expanding our high quality online materials, hand-on courses, workshops to promote the most up-to-date advances in aesthetic medicine and also via podcasts and webinars featuring the most experienced experts in this field.

We cater to:
Physicians specialized in aesthetic medicine
Physicians with non-aesthetic medicine specialization
Medical residents and students
Nurses who currently practice in this field or wish to start practicing in this field
Nursing students and Dentists