5 tips to Improve Your Cheek Filler Approach


5 tips to Improve Your Cheek Filler Approach

Medically Reviewed by Mohsen Talani, MD on November 27, 2023 | Written by CBAM Author


With aging, the volume of the cheeks is lost and the skin of the face becomes saggy. Cheek filler is an injectable procedure, which increases the volume of the area around the cheekbones. In this case, the cheekbones can be seen more clearly. By injecting filler under the skin and increasing the volume, wrinkles and fine facial lines are removed. Cheek fillers are performed both to rejuvenate patients and to increase the beauty and contour of the face.

Cheek fillers come in different types and are produced by different brands. In the consultation session with your patients, you should talk about the patient’s expectations. The patient’s expectations, the depth of wrinkles and the amount of facial sagging are all important in determining the right cheek filler treatment plan.

By increasing your skill and knowledge in cheek filler treatment, you will increase the satisfaction of your patients and you can expand your business in the field of aesthetic medicine. In this article, we will teach you the tips that you need to improve and step-up your cheek filler treatments:

  1. Increase your skill and knowledge

The first step in performing any aesthetic procedure is to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to perform it. Before starting the cheek filler injection, you should learn about the anatomy of the cheek area, different types of cheek area treatments, the types of fillers suitable for cheek filler treatment, as well as the techniques of cheek filler injection.

CBAM provides you various courses and packages related to filler injection of the face. You will learn from the best in the industry and perform treatments under their supervision in our hand-on sessions. In the other hand, you can constantly improve and update your knowledge by visiting CBAM large archive of past webinars and also participating in CBAM upcoming webinars.

  1. Learn patient assessment and select the right treatment plan

One of the parts of aesthetic medicine that is less paid attention to is patient assessment. You must be able to communicate properly with the patient and examine your patients from different aspects. Age, gender, occupation, financial and cultural status of the patient, anatomy of the patient’s face, expectations of the patient and the cost he or she considers for the treatment are all important.

Take enough time to talk to the patients and examine them in all areas important to treatment. Fully understand the patient’s expectations from the treatment, then choose the best treatment plan for them with the patient’s cooperation.

  1. More filler is not the solution

Don’t fall into the trap of giving in to the patient’s demands and giving them an overfilled, artificial look. The face trend with bulky and exaggerated parts has been over for a long time. Currently, the most beautiful faces are those that look more natural than others. If the patient insists on injecting a large amount of filler in the cheek, do your best to convince them that natural treatments are better and more beautiful. Convince the patient that you are an expert in your work and that you are currently recommending the best treatment plan to them.

On the zygoma, stay away from placing big boluses of filler. When trying to increase the projection and contour of a cheekbone, for instance, large boluses tend to look lumpy and unnatural. To achieve a more seamless outcome, keep boluses small and administer treatments in stages. You can also expand your skill set by becoming proficient in using a cannula.

  1. It is ok to treat patients in several sessions

The approach of performing cheek filler treatment in several sessions can be useful for you and the patient in different ways. You can continue the treatment exactly as long as you wanted and stop the treatment every session when you reach the desired result. Due to the fact that regret after treatment is very common among patients, the patient will also inform you in which of these stages he/she has reached his/her desired appearance or regrets continuing the treatment.

  1. Start the rejuvenating deep

If the goal of your cheek filler injection is to rejuvenate the patient’s appearance, start the injection from the deep layers. Create a base for the affected cheek and then continue the rejuvenation by coming to the more superficial layers. It is also recommended to start injecting cheek filler from more lateral points and extend it to the patient’s medial cheek if needed.

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