5 expert tips for injecting Nasolabial fold (NLF)

nasolabial fold

1- don’t forget about the anatomical changes.

A patient with a prominent Nasolabial fold (NLF) will often also experience a reasonable reduction in midface volume and anatomical changes due to aging in this area. Address these issues first to ensure the best overall aesthetic outcome and to maintain a well-proportioned face.

2- Use a cannula

. Using a 25G catheter when treating Nasolabial fold (NLF) can significantly reduce risk profile.

3- The patient should be upright whilst marking

Here, you want to identify the area of ​​increase in volume due to hypertrophy. We only wanted to add an intermediate volume to this area to avoid exacerbating patient complaints.

4- A combination technique brings the best nasolabial fold results

The combination of Fanning + retrograde linear threads medial to Nasolabial fold (NLF) in Layer 2 will produce good results in this area.

5- Inject slowly at low pressure

Do not use force to push through the structure. Inject slowly at low pressure. Move your catheter slowly and continuously while injecting the product.

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