4 tips for jawline fillers for beginners

jawline fillers

4 tips for jawline fillers for beginners

Medically Reviewed by Mohsen Talani, MD on November 27, 2023 | Written by CBAM Author

jawline fillers

Jawline contouring with filler injection is one of the minimally invasive methods to improve the overall shape of the face and beautification. Loss of jaw bone due to aging, laxity and sagging of the skin, etc. are among the things that change the shape of the face. Elderly people inject fillers to rejuvenate and improve the shape of their jaw. Young people are also doing jawline filler injections in order to achieve beautiful and attractive appearance. Filler injection is one of the less invasive and cheaper methods than other methods of jaw angulation.

Before talking about jawline filler tips for beginners, remember this important point: Due to the anatomy of the jaw bone, the angle of the jaw in men is more muscular and bulkier than in women, and it is wider in the chin area. In women, the angle of the jaw is triangular and V-shaped, and in men, the angle of the jaw and chin is square. The size of the angle of the jaw in men and women has a significant effect on their social relationships.

The male jaw angle causes social authority, attracting the attention of the opposite sex and their interpersonal relationships. On the other hand, a prominent and large jaw angle for women makes their face look masculine. Therefore, contrary to the opinion of many women, enlarging the angle of the jaw is not suitable for a woman’s face, and any change in the jaw area should be paid special attention to the gender of the person in addition to the anatomy and ossification of the jaw and the fit between the facial parts.

Learn the following tips to step-up your knowledge and skill about jawline filler injections:

  1. Consider differences between male and female patients

Highlighting the angle of the jaw in men should be done in such a way that it makes their face look squarer. For this purpose, we estimate the required amount of filler according to the proportion of the angle of the jaw and the cheek line. To determine the injection points, we draw a triangle, one side of which is the vertical border of the mandible bone, the other side is the lower border of the mandible bone, and the third side is a line that connects these two sides in proportion to the prominence of the cheek. The injection is done inside this triangle in such a way that the main volume of the filler is done at the top of the angle and the rest is done proportionally in the other two corners.

Filler injection is done with a depot technique. The cannula can also be used to angle the jaw. The depth of filler injection is in the angle of the jaw on the periosteum of the mandible bone.

In order to V-shape the angle of the jaw in women, it is better to use a combination of filler and Botox injections. In women who have a round or square face or their masticator muscle is large and hypertrophic, we first relax this muscle by injecting Botox and then draw a vertical and horizontal line in the angle of the jaw by injecting gel.

Filler injection is done with the Depot technique and is the same as mentioned in the men’s technique, with the difference that instead of highlighting the angle, the edge of the angle should be sharpened so that the angle of the mandible bone can be seen better from the side view.

The cannula can also be used to angle the jaw. The filler injection site is in the angle of the jaw on the periosteum of the mandible bone.

  1. Combine jawline filler with midface treatments for the best result

Always try to have a wholistic view of patients face. The face becomes beautiful when all its parts are in the right proportion with each other. Sometimes, jawline treatment alone cannot make the patient’s face as beautiful as they expect. In the consultation sessions, before the jawline filler treatment, carefully check the patient’s face and if there is a need for midface treatment, be sure to discuss it with the patient. Try to fully explain the reason for the need for this treatment to the patients. Of course, keep in mind that there are times when jawline filler treatment alone is enough for the patient.

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  1. Try a multi-layered approach

For the procedure, the optimum method is a multi-layered one that considers anatomical considerations and product selection. This combines deep injections with filler applied in thin layers. Building blocks are injected deeply into the bone using a needle. In the meantime, the cannula-assisted superficial therapy under the skin adds more definition.

  1. Use thicker fillers more

It is known that; thicker fillers tend to work best for jawline filler treatment as they stay in place and create more structure. However, the best dermal filler for jawline filler treatment truly depends on your patients’ needs and goals. What works best for one patient may not work best for another.