CBAM Popular Botox and Filler Packages Comparison

6 Months Aesthetic Medicine Full Packages
(Board/CAMP Certified Packages)
Master Injectables Certificate Program
(Botox and Filler Only)
2-Day Basic Injectables Course
(Botox and Filler Only)
Hands-on Practice on CBAM Models
(Basic treatments*)
2-day Basic Course
2-day Basic Course
2-day Basic Course
Hands-on Practice on CBAM Models
(All treatments**)
Within 6 Months
Multiple practice sessions
5 Practice Sessions
Hands-on Practice on Your Models
(All treatments**)
Within 6 Months
Multiple Semi-private sessions
Semi-private sessions
Courses Included
Hands-on + Online Training
Basic Injectables +
Advanced Injectables +
9 Other Courses
Basic Injectables +
Advanced Injectables
Basic Injectables 
Online Materials Included 200h+ 50h+ 14h+
Live Virtual Training
Basic Injectables (1 session) +
Advanced Injectables (4 sessions) +
PRP (1 session) +
Laser (1 session)
Basic Injectables (1 session) +
Advanced Injectables (4 sessions) 
Basic Injectables (1 session) 
Ideal for
Surgeons, doctors, and nurses
would like to have comprehensive
training seeking expertise in
injectables and all aesthetic
modalities to ensure success in their
aesthetic careers
Surgeons, doctors, and nurses
looking to begin with injectables
and progress to advanced
modalities over time
Surgeons, doctors, and nurses
who want to just enter the
aesthetic market in a basic level
and build a foundation in the
Membership & Aesthetic Channel
(Annual Fee: $450CAD)
6 months
Free membership included
6 months
Free membership included
3 months
Free membership included
Price $$$ $$ $
CBAM Credits
(This credit can be used for future CBAM courses or events)
10% of the total price 10% of the total price 10% of the total price
Start Here Start Here Start Here

*Basic treatments: Upper face botox - Lip filler - Cheek filler
**All treatments: Full face botox - Full face filler (except nose filler)
Please note that you have the option to upgrade from the Basic Injectables to packages by paying the price difference.

Partner & Scientific Partners

american nurses credentialing

To find out about the accreditation of the dental program, please click here.

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The Self-Learning Basic Botox and Filler Certification Program have been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Ontario Chapter for up to 16.50  Mainpro+ credits

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Updated: June 2024


Board Certified Members
(MDs, DOs, PAs and NPs)


CAMP®Certified Members


Single Courses Graduates


Courses Delivered


Cities Offering CBAM Courses


Recorded Online Materials And Courses


Faculty Members and Instructors

The numbers are approximate and are updated on a monthly basis.

What Makes Our Classes Unique?

The theory section of classes are taught by multiple advanced trainers

The practical stations are with the ratio of 4-5 students with one advanced instructor

We provide all the models and products

Students have a chance to switch between the stations to experience variety of instructors' styles of teaching and techniques. In aesthetic medicine, this is an advantage to learn variety of techniques from multiple instructors

Board and CAMP Certified Package is now offered in multiple cities

CBAM Course Filter

Botox and Filler Courses


  • Basic Botox and Filler Course

    2-Day Basic Injectables Course

  • Master Injectables Program
    (Basic + Advanced Botox & Filler) - Practical

    Online + Virtual and 36+ hr Practice

  • Computer Master Injectables Program
    (Basic + Advanced Botox & Filler) - Virtual Interactive

    Learn Botox and Filler Interactive Online in 6 Weeks

  • Botox Certificate Course for Dentists

    Online + Virtual + Full Day Practical


  • Master Injectables Program
    (Basic + Advanced Botox & Filler) - Practical

    Online + Virtual and 36+ hr Practice

  • Board Certified Package (For MDs, PAs, NPs)

    Botox and Filler 6 Month Practice + 9 other courses

  • CAMP Certified Package (For Nurses)

    Botox and Filler 6 Month Practice + 9 other courses

Thread Courses

  • Computer Thread Lift Certificate Course- virtual Interactive

    Learn PDO Thread Online in 3 Weeks

  • Instalift Thread Master Course

    Online + Virtual + Full Day Practical

Foundational Courses

  • PRP Certificate Course - Practical

    Online + Virtual + 1/2 Day Practical

  • Computer IV Nutrition Infusion Therapy Training (IVIT)

    Fully Online Course

  • Computer Laser Certificate Course - Practical

    Online + 1/2 Day Practical

  • Computer Sclerotherapy Certificate Course - Online

    Online + Live Virtual

  • Computer Cosmetic Dermatology Certificate Course - Virtual Interactive

    Learn Cosmetic Dermatology Online in 6 Weeks

  • Computer Aesthetic Marketing and Business

    Fully Online Course

  • Microneedling Certificate Course - Virtual Interactive

    Learn Microneedling in 3 Weeks

  • Chemical Peel Certificate Course - Virtual Interactive

    Learn Microneedling in 3 Weeks

Advanced Courses

  • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Certificate Course

    Fully Practical - Semi-private course

  • Facial Cadaver Anatomy Lab

    Online + Practical on Cadaver

  • Lip Beauty Master Course

    Online + Virtual + Full Day Practical

  • Non-surgical Lip Tubercle (NLT) MasterClass

    Fully Practical

  • Diploma in Non-Surgical Cosmetic Gynecology

    2 Day Fully Practical

  • Facial Ultrasound for Injectables Certificate Course

    Full Day Practical

CBAM Membership

The Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine (CBAM) offers different membership levels for health care professionals. By applying for membership, you can get access to variety of CBAM services and events.